About the College





‧To guide students in practice and application and to promote the students' understanding and related knowledge towards familial and societal needs, and further to improve life quality of the society.

‧To Inculcate and to train students to have a diverse sense and an open mind to different cultures, and to offer students opportunities to participate in social activities as a base of whole-person development and self-confidence .

‧To build up the knowledge base of human and social science, to cultivate students' knowledge in foreign language, family and communities, and sexuality, and to strengthen their abilities in socio-economic application and service.

‧To research and develop knowledge across different fields and countries to interchange ideas globally.



The College of Applied Social Science was established in August, 1990 and now has two departments, one bachelor program, two graduate schools, and two centers. The Department (graduate school) of Child Care and Family Studies and Education was renamed to Department (graduate school) of Child Care and Family Studies in the academic year of 2009, and the Bachelor of Social Work Program was established in August, 2015. The college's goal is to train up “world citizens” who possess a global view and initiative in social organizations.

In the curriculum plan, the College emphasizes the importance of the spirit and the principles of communication, cooperation, and innovation to correspond with the course module and combines related knowledge of humane and social science to apply to individuals, families, and society. Students can continue their advanced studies or contribute their expertise to work in public or private organizations, business companies, or social organizations and communities to help disadvantaged minorities.

The College attaches importance to internship and makes sure that students have practical experiences in school, in order to serve society. In order to integrate the philosophy of social development and practical applications and to gather experts and brain trusts of humane and social science research internally, the College established the Graduate School of Human Sexuality and the Non-Profit Organization Research and Development Center in 2001.[s1] . In 2004, the college dissolved the Non-Profit Organization Research and Development Center and in its place established the Cross-Cultural Research and Development Center. The Graduate School of Human Sexuality applied for its doctoral program to Ministry of Education in 2004 and was accepted in 2006. The College is seeking to provide theories and applications, as well as advanced education for leadership, from each department of it to southern Taiwan.



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